Kue Pukis

Kue Pukis is Indonesian traditional snack.  When I was little I used to buy kue pukis from the cart in front of my school.  The other day I suddenly wanted to eat kue pukis, it’s easy enough to make.  The recipe  I use here is  from my friend  Ira Lyne and Keluarga Nugraha.


200 grams flour

3 eggs

1 sachet instant yeast (8 gr)

60 ml warm water

150 gram sugar

 180 ml coconut milk

Margarine for coating


  • Mix the instant yeast with warm water, set aside.  Beat eggs and sugar until pale and thick.
  • Meanwhile blend together: instant yeast, salt and flour, mix them together.
  • Make hole in the middle then pour over the eggs mixture, add coconut milk and stir them all.
  • Leave for 1 hour.
  • Then heat the mold, coat it with margarine.  Pour mixture into the mold, not too full, about 3/4.
  • Add cheese or chocolate sprinkles or whatever topping you like.
  • Cook it with lid on til golden brown.


Kue Dadar Hijau – Green Coconut Crepe

I’ve got this recipe from my friend and I’m still learning how to make the crepe perfectly. Here in the photo there are couple that are a bit burn. It’s best if you have the gas stove rather than electric one.


3 cups flour, sifted

2 tsp coloring pandan paste (Koepoe-Koepoe brand is the best)

2 cups water or more

1/2 tsp salt

Vegetable oil

1 sachet desiccated coconut

3 ground palm sugar (3 butir gula jawa – Mariza brand), sliced thinly

3-4 pandan leaves

To make the crepe:

Put the flour in a big bowl add salt and water, stir until the mixture is thinner enough. Add more water if necessary. Drop the pandan coloring, stirring. Heat oil in frying pan, pour the mixture and fry until both side is cook, similar like you make a crepe.

To make the coconut filling:

Heat oil in saucepan, cook coconut and palm sugar until browned enough but not burnt. Add the pandan leaves. Let it cool and set aside.

Fill the crepe with coconut and roll in.


Bika Ambon

Bika Ambon is Indonesian delicacy. It has special texture and tastes sweet but not sugary sweet. I cheat this time, I make it from the package. Only need to add 6 eggs, butter, and coconut milk. But, I think the Pondan one is the best. It tastes really delicious and it’s very easy to make. Good one with a cuppa!