Green Juice


I am sure you all know about green juice and why it’s good for you. First time I heard about green juice made me cringe, and I told myself there was no way I would like to drink it! But then it made me curious since everywhere I read it’s all about this green colour juice. It So of course I challenge myself! And to my surprise I actually like it! It tastes better than I thought.

I believe there are lots of benefit from drinking green juice. As green juices are power packed with nutritious and good for cleansing too, for someone like me who have hard time chewing green veggies, this way my green intake is covered 🙂 Another plus is my kids love it too, make dinner time more enjoyable!

So if you haven’t tried it, try sooner not later. Believe me it’s awesome and it’s pretty simple to make.

My green juice recipe:

1 banana
1 pear
1 kiwi
A bunch of kale
1 celery stick
1 cup of water or milk
Couple ice cubes

Pretty much you blend them altogether. It is said it’s best to have it an hour before breakfast or after breakfast.



Give it a go and see how your skin glow! 🙂


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