Bakso | Indonesian Meatballs

Being Indonesian, I can’t not like bakso.  Bakso or  meatballs in English, made from beef mince and eat it with egg noodles and vegetables.  In Indonesia bakso is often sold in the street on little cart.  In Australia you can find ready to eat bakso at the oriental supermarket, in frozen section.  Not knowing what kind of chemicals and preservative the ready one that sold in the market, I try to make home-made bakso.
My friend Aimee who lives in Dubai and expert in cooking Indonesian meal, gave me her bakso recipe and since then I always use this recipe.
to make the bakso/meatballs

-minced beef 500 gr
-3 cloves garlic, chopped
-tapioka starch 200 gr
-salt and pepper, taste
-chicken stock, 2 tspn
-baking powder 2 tspn
-cold water (from the fridge) 1/2 cup

mixed all the ingredients above together, set aside for 15 minutes. then make a little ball one by one.

meanwhile, for the soup:

beef bone 1/2 kg
1 clove garlic
2 litres water

boil beef bones in 2 liter water for about 1 hours. then add the bakso into the boiling soup and cook until the bakso is firm.

serve with egg noodles, some green vegetables (bok choy/cut spring onion) couple boiled tofu, top with fried onions, and chilli sauce.


8 thoughts on “Bakso | Indonesian Meatballs

  1. GOSH!!! im happy to know that you ,mention my name here..haha…IM FAMOUS! looks yumiiiii…would love to try oneday ( saving money to go to perth to c u!)


  2. iya dwonk…kan bakso hak patent elo…:p tapi sayang gue ga sempat foto yang bagus, karna uda diserbu…so next time lagi kalo bikin gue kudu take a nice pic of the bakso. tapi beneran yummy loh mee…gampang lagi bikinnya, thanks ya cinta:-)


  3. Ria, itu sup buntut bikin pengen. Oiya, soal getuk, abis itu singkong direbus, di ancurin/ditumbuk, dicampur parutan kelapa yg udah dikukus lalu di bentuk. Taburin dweh ama parutan kelapa, garam, gula yg dikukus juga. Tinggal makan, beres. Sukses ya u/ pesta ultahnya.


  4. wah gampang nih kayaknya resepnya (sok tau) mau coba bikin ahhh masih ada mince beef yg Sam bawa dari Brisbane


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