sapo tofu

Another winter meal…. this recipe originally I got it from my friend Dianti, thanks yea Di!


to make the sauce:

2 tbspn corn flour

2 tbspn oyster sauce

2 tbspn chinese cooking wine

2 tbspn fish sauce

2 tbspn light soya sauce

3 tspn plain flour

500gr minced meat

2 garlic, chopped

3/4 stem of coriander, chopped

250gr soft tofu/japanese tofu


Mix the corn flour with a bit of water until it form paste. Add all the sauces. Put aside.

Cut the tofu about 1cm thick, dunk it once in the flour, then fry with oil until both side very light brown color. Put aside in the bowl. Fry garlic and minced meat, add all the sauces, add water if the mixture is too thick, then add the coriander, cook it for about 10 minutes. Add all the mixture to the tofu, stir them altogether. Serve with a steamed rice.

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